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JW Marriott and Flamingo Estate Debut a Global Brand Partnership

  • May 17, 2024

JW Marriott and Flamingo Estate collaborate to curate a journey exploring scent, sound, and taste

Scent, Sound, Taste, are three senses at the core of the new global brand partnership by JW Marriott, and Flamingo Estate, the celebrated, California hillside-based lifestyle company dedicated to radical pleasures from the garden. Grounded in a shared ethos of fostering holistic well-being through a deep connection with nature, this dynamic collaboration will traverse several sensorial touchpoints and bridge the many paths to mindfulness. JW Marriott and Flamingo Estate will invite guests to embark on a multifaceted exploration of the senses with an elegant, garden-infused signature scent, a nature-inspired global sound program, and a flavor-forward, hand-crafted honey blend.

Flamingo estate
Flamingo Estate

Bruce Rohr, Vice President and Global Brand Leader, JW Marriott said, “JW Marriott and Flamingo Estate have strong commonality between their guiding principles which makes this collaboration a natural, well-balanced, and symbiotic fit. JW Marriott is dedicated to curating an atmosphere that allows our guests to be present in the mind, body, and spirit.”

Serenity through scent

Flamingo Estate, together with JW Marriott, has carefully crafted an exclusive, co-branded scent: Expansion. The moment they are welcomed in, guests at select JW Marriott properties globally will be met with an herbaceous and uplifting scent that beckons presence and expansion.

Harmonising wellness with sound

JW Marriott and Flamingo Estate have developed four exclusive playlists, each meticulously crafted to correspond with the distinct energy of the different times of the day, respectively titled: Aurora, Sun, Twilight, and Moon. These signature playlists have been designed to foster a profound connection to Mother Nature and encourage mindfulness. 

Sweetening the Journey

As the third product of the sensorial partnership, JW Marriott and Flamingo Estate have expertly crafted a signature honey. This classic California wildflower co-branded honey features adaptogenic Holy Basil and Bergamot to promote well-being and resilience to stress.

JW Marriott

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