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Vodafone Aotearoa enables 5G international roaming

  • November 2, 2020

To prepare in advance for the day many New Zealanders are longing for, when international travel restarts – and to continue its market leadership with 5G mobile technology – Vodafone Aotearoa is now the first operator in Aotearoa to enable 5G roaming: to Australia and three other countries.

Tony Baird, Wholesale and Infrastructure Director, Vodafone NZ, explains: “While travel is obviously extremely limited currently, we want to continue to invest in and develop our 5G network because we want to offer the best possible mobile experience to our customers.

“Some might call us incredibly optimistic to launch 5G roaming with international travel off the table, but much of our work is about investing ahead of time to be ready for future demand. We like to know that our customers will be able to use the latest mobile network technology overseas where available, when the time comes and borders reopen – and roam like they’re at home.

Vodafone NZ customers with a 5G enabled plan and 5G device have the ability to connect to a 5G mobile network in parts of Australia, Taiwan, Latvia and Finland – with many more destinations expected in the coming months.

“Australia is usually the most popular destination for Vodafone customers, and we want to ensure 5G roaming is in place for when international travel across the Tasman resumes, as part of our efforts to future-proof our network.”

Vodafone NZ offers customers the ability to connect to an overseas mobile network for an additional $7 a day for daily roaming, and roam like you’re at home, in more than 100 destinations. For more information including terms and conditions, please visit:

Vodafone NZ customers who have a 5G device and 5G enabled plan, can currently experience 5G at no extra cost until 30 June 2021, and after that the company will charge $10 per connection, per month (or the equivalent Prepay term). For more information about Vodafone NZ’s 5G offering please visit

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