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Uber’s new reward program launches in New Zealand

  • November 13, 2019

Uber has launched its Rewards program to give back to Uber’s most loyal customers in New Zealand.

From 12 November onwards customers can earn points on rides with Uber and orders with Uber Eats to maximise the value of every dollar spent on the platform.

  • On UberX and Comfort, customers you will earn two points per eligible dollar spent
  • On Uber Eats customers will earn one point for every eligible dollar spent

These points scale and will translate to specific benefits based on a level. These levels start at Blue and available to everyone enrolled in the programme. We then graduate to Gold (1,000 points) and Platinum (3,500 points) before reaching the top level – Diamond (5,500 points).

At each level, there will be a selection of rewards such as discounted Uber and Uber Comfort rides, premium support service, discounts on Uber Eats orders and a variety of other benefits.

There is also a bonus chosen reward for every 600 points earned in Gold. The three benefits to pick from are:

  • 15 percent off orders with Uber Eats over a three day period
  • 15 percent off rides with Uber over a three day period
  • A $10 donation to Paralympics New Zealand in the countdown to the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games

This is only the beginning, over the coming months Uber Rewards will continue to unlock even more value for Uber users. The arrival of Uber Rewards is just another step towards offering our customers the best possible experience on the platform.

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