Singapore Airlines dips into Kiwi travel trends

  • June 24, 2019

Singapore Airlines has commissioned research which has lifted the lid on Kiwis’ travelling habits. The research has unearthed our love affair with beingcatered to in the air, our tendency to travel to be with friends and families for major events like holidays and weddings, and we are more likely to take advice from travel agents rather than social influencers when planning holidays.
When it comes to the top three things Kiwis love about flying – binge watching can’t be beaten, with over half of those surveyed (56%) agreeing that watching television shows and movies is their favourite in-flight activity, followed closely by the glamour of flying to their destination (54%), and being attended to while in the air (51%).
Singapore Airlines General Manager New Zealand, Mr Kenny Teo, says the results reinforce the fact that Kiwis are savvy travellers who have travel in their DNA.


Once seen as a way to ‘switch off’ from the rest of the world, air travel used to mean that travellers would have to wait until they landed at their destination to connect with friends and family, answer work emails or check their social media accounts. However, Kiwis admitted to enjoying the ability to connect to the in-flight WiFi, with only 40 per cent of those surveyed cite ‘being uncontactable for several hours while in the air’ as one of their favourite things about flying.
A large majority of New Zealanders are also making the most of travel information online, with almost three quarters of those surveyed (73%) using search engines. The large majority (70%) look to friends and family for guidance, and while one in two Kiwis (54%) stated that they still use travel agents, the research found that less than one fifth (17%) of those surveyed agreed that they look to social influencers as a main source of research when planning their travels.


The research also found that three in five Kiwis (61%) book travel to attend important family and friend events like holidays, weddings or major birthdays, nearly half (46%) of those surveyed agreed that they book travel to explore different cities or cultures and 45 per cent said that a good deal was their motivation for booking a holiday.

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