New Chef for the World’s highest bar

  • April 17, 2018

The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong has Roberto Riverosis  Chef de Cuisine of Ozone, the world’s highest bar at The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong

Roberto specializes in Mediterranean and Spanish cuisine heightened with modern touches. Roberto’s cooking is deeply rooted in Martín Berasategui’s polished approach to Mediterranean cuisine and eventually evolved and blossomed into his very own philosophy – showcasing the versatility while highlighting the individuality of ingredients in a way all flavors on one plate are simple, balanced and clearly layered from his stint at the Michelin starred Lasarte Restaurant.

“Tastes on the palate will wash away, but memory lasts. I hope my food is so distinct that it serves as a memory keeper to recall a fond dining experience,” said Roberto.

Expanding his culinary presence in Asia for the first time, Roberto is enthusiastic about experimenting with Asian ingredients in his new a la carte and private kitchen menu.

The Japanese-influenced Aubergine and Miso is an appetizing treat to stimulate one’s taste buds – fresh and crunchy cucumber carrot and celery stick dipped in flavorful eggplant puree blended with red and white miso, mirin rice wine and sake; Melon Caipirinha with Anchovy features melon cubes marinated with Caipirinha cocktail for 12 hours and topped with lime zest and savory anchovy to play with Brazil’s very indigenous cachaça.

Green Curry Crab with Tomato and Basil is set to entice and impress any discerning diner – crab cake made with Alaskan king crab meat, mayonnaise, chives and olive oil is lightly browned and accompanied with green curry sauce. The rich coconut milk in the sauce mellows the overall spiciness while allowing the mild sweetness of crab meat to shine.

Cod Fish, Bacon and Parmesan features silky smooth cod fish confit slices bathed in an airy soup of Parmesan foam. Finished with sprinkles of bacon bits, salted caramelized hazelnut, coffee and vanilla powder, the dish delivers a burst of tantalizing flavors seeping through the palate.

Coconut, Carrot and Passion Fruit is a light dessert to wrap up a meal – brown sugar coffee ice cream sitting on snowy coconut powder, a sweet contrast to the tanginess of the pairing passion fruit-infused carrot cake.

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