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New biometric interaction points to allow passengers to immerse into a fully seamless travel journey

  • March 26, 2018

Today’s passengers are demanding an experience, where they feel in control of their journey. They expect a continuous, stress-free flow without queues, as well as comfortable environments and enjoyable interactions with the airport and the airlines, reflecting respect and value for the business they generate.

Leading airport technology provider Vision Box has launched a portfolio of Contactless IoT touchpoints.

The new portfolio of passenger touch points is inspired by the expectations of modern passengers of a seamless airport journey. It is now widely evidenced that passengers want a fast, hassle-free journey through the airport. They don’t want to line up in queues, running from one point to the next, to catch their flight while juggling passports, boarding passes, luggage and kids with stress raising at every checkpoint. They want to be in control of a fluid journey, feel comfortable and respected, as well as stay informed and enjoy their time at their convenience.

Modularity, small size and connectivity, in association with IoT and AI technology, have been the main drivers for the development of the new product line. A handful of standardized modules, each one with distinctive functionality and connected to OrchestraTM, can now be freely combined to build versatile biometric touchpoints for any passenger processing purpose, all providing the same experience, whether at check-in, baggage drop, security checks, border control, lounges or boarding, or even by retrofitting of existing equipment. Repeated recognition patterns throughout the journey bring familiarity and a positive user experience, providing a sense of control and accomplishment. Passengers take full control of their journey, using their biometric identity to explore the airport, book services, make purchases and receive personalized information. No travel documents are required. Your face is your passport!

Airports, airlines, and authorities manage the entire passenger experience through Orchestra™, a powerful multi-stakeholder and shared services platform. The software suite takes the form of singular but interconnected IoT devices and frontend applications. These are designed to provide interactive decision making and real-time monitoring of passenger journey, security operations, business rules and workflows configuration, business intelligence and big data analytics, along with other supplemental features that add to the airport management, enhancing efficiencies, security and revenue.

Today’s airports are a lifestyle experience for many people. The more we invest in providing the right experience, the more passengers will enjoy the airport environment with ancillary benefits for all stakeholders. The new camera system is about connecting the digitized airport to each and every passenger.

Vision-Box is currently working on a number of pioneering projects to advance the digital transformation of airports and airlines worldwide, including Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, KLM, Sydney Airport, Aruba Queen Beatrix Airport, Los Angeles World Airport, ANA Lisbon Airport.

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