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KUL-SIN is now the World’s busiest international route

  • May 7, 2018

Aviation industry analyst OAG has released the busiest international routes in the World and Kuala Lumpur – Singapore has now trumped Hong Kong – Taipei to become the busiest international route with 30,537 flights over the 12 months period to February 2018. Flying time from Kuala Lumpur – Singapore is approx one hour.

Asia-Pacific also ranked highly across the board, with the top five busiest routes all located in the region. The third-place spot was taken by Jakarta-Singapore with 23,704 flights, followed by Hong Kong-Shanghai Pudong with 21,888 and Jakarta-Kuala Lumpur with 19,849. According to OAG, routes in Asia-Pacific have a greater number of competing airlines compared to other markets, contributing to these figures. All eight of the 10 busiest routes that are located in Asia have at least six competing airlines, compared to routes such as Dublin-London Heathrow and Chicago-Toronto that have only four.

But while Hong Kong-Taipei has been knocked from the top spot, Hong Kong remains Asia’s busiest airport hub with six of the top 20 busiest international routes, compared to Singapore’s four and Seoul Incheon’s and Osaka Kinsai’s three.

Other Asian airports to feature on at least two of the world’s top 20 busiest routes were Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Taipei, Shanghai Pudong, while Beijing Capital and Tokyo Narita appeared on one.

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