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KAYAK launches AR bag management tool

  • October 26, 2018

Travel search engine, launches an Augmented Reality (AR) bag measurement tool, just in time for the summer season of travel. KAYAK’s new tool will help New Zealand travellers recognise whether or not their carry-on luggage will fit into the overhead lockers of the airline they’re flying with and help them avoid last minute airport fines for oversized luggage.

APAC KAYAK Chief Scientist & Senior Vice President of Technology, Matthias Keller says: “A common pain point when travelling is that moment when you begin to worry if your carry-on luggage is the right size for your flight. With allowances for carry-on luggage differing between airlines, it can be hard to keep track. KAYAK’s new tool was designed with this in mind. It uses augmented reality to measure luggage and also compares baggage fee policies, so travellers can ensure their bag is an appropriate size before they’ve even left home.”

How to use the AR Bag Measurement Tool

To measure your carry-on luggage, open a flight search in the KAYAK app and click “new bag measurement tool”. You will then be prompted to scan the floor (this helps calibrate measurements) and then to move your camera around the bag to capture its size. From there, KAYAK does the maths for you. The tool will alert you with the bag’s exact measurements (length, width and height), so you know whether you can bring it on a flight as a carry-on, or if it needs to be checked in.


It also compares baggage fee policies for all KAYAK tracked airlines in one place. That way, you know your bag will fit no matter which airline you’re flying. The tool is currently available in the KAYAK app for all iOS devices running iOS 11.3 and up. Demo video here. 


With the dimensions of carry-on luggage constantly differing and changing from airline to airline, KAYAK is making it easier for New Zealand travellers to confidently breeze through check-in no matter which airline they’re flying. KAYAK continuously invests in innovative technologies – including AR, VR, AI and voice technology – to raise the bar on how Aussies can plan and manage travel.  (October 25, 2018)

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