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India’s newest airline, Akasa Air unveils crew uniforms

  • July 5, 2022

India’s newest airline, Akasa Air unveils crew uniforms in line with the company’s core beliefs of employee-centric and sustainability
Akasa Air unveiled the first look of its airline crew uniform, featuring a youthful and contemporary design, and colours that reflect the warm, friendly and happy personality of Akasa Air. Keeping in mind ergonomics, aesthetics and comfort, Akasa Air is the first Indian airline to have introduced custom trousers, jackets, and comfortable sneakers for its airline in-flight crew.

Akasa Air’s new cabin uniforms. Photo: Akasa Air

The uniform is inspired by the company’s core beliefs of employee centricity and sustainability. The trouser and jacket fabric has been specially made for Akasa Air, using recycled polyester fabric which is made from pet bottle plastic salvaged from marine waste. The uniform fit focuses on providing the best possible stretch to ensure employees’ comfort over their busy flight schedules. Designed by world-renowned international fashion guru, Rajesh Pratap Singh, the jacket draws inspiration from the traditional Indian bandh gala jackets and is forward-looking in a modern version of the garment.
Given the mobile lifestyle of crew members and long hours spent standing, Vanilla Moon designed sneakers that are light, and contain extra cushioning from heel to toe to ensure better support. In line with Akasa Air’s approach towards sustainability, the sole of the sneakers is carved from recycled rubber and manufactured without any use of plastic.

Akasa Air Uniforms. Photo: Akasa Air

Describing the inspiration behind the uniform, Belson Coutinho, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing & Experience Officer, Akasa Air, said, “Employee centricity and sustainability are going to be at the core of everything that we do at Akasa Air. We have designed a uniform in which our team feels both proud and comfortable as they direct their energy to ensure a warm, friendly, and efficient flying experience for all our passengers”.

Akasa Air’s first B737-8 delivery. Photo: Akasa Air

Akasa Air is India’s newest airline, offering warm and efficient customer service, reliable operations, and affordable fares. With a commitment to being socially responsible, Akasa Air has placed a firm order of 72 Boeing 737 MAX airplanes, powered by CFM fuel efficient, LEAP-1B engines.

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