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Hotel Review: A by Adina, Sydney

  • May 22, 2023

They say it always pays to have a Plan ‘B’. But when Plan ‘A’ is that good, you’ve just got to keep working at it.

Experiencing A by Adina, Sydney on a recent trip showcased a fresh concept in hotel living by TFE Hotels that is exceptional. A mix of sharp, professional service in a minimalist environment that distracts from the ordinary yet ticks all boxes.

Location, Location, Location

A by Adina is in the heart of Sydney CBD in Hunter Street and a ten-minute walk from Wynyard station. Entrance is through a sandstone corridor with a cascading water feature leading you to the lower-ground entry foyer.

Hunter street entrance to A by Adina Sydney
Entrance to A by Adina from Hunter Street. Photo: Harmeet Sehgal

From here, you’re welcomed and buzzed on to the 22nd floor, featuring Australia’s first Sky Lobby featuring colossal ceiling to floor glass windows that puts you in the Centre of Sydney’s skyscrapers.

Sydney skyline from the lobby of A by Adina, Sydney
Sydney sunset from the Sky Lobby. Photo: Harmeet Sehgal

Once again, ‘less is more’ blends in perfectly. The design cleverly encompasses its surroundings to make the big impression rather than taking away from it. The dimly lit lobby matched the magnificent Sydney sunset-hue that peeped through the neighbouring high-rises. Check-in was swift and personalised, with front-office executives ensuring guest preferences are matched with the reservation making guests feel welcomed and valued.

Digitally lavish

In another firsts, A by Adina integrates a control system that is programmed to seamlessly getting the room-ready as soon as the guest checks-in. Which means to start off, you needn’t go looking for a floor button on the elevator and then swipe your room-key.

Smart lifts at the hotel lobby. Photo: Harmeet Sehgal

The room floor is programmed into the key and a swipe on the lobby lifts will take you your room-floor. As I entered the room, the control system activated the programmed lighting and opened the luxurious linen drapes in my one-bedroom condo revealing Sydney’s lavish outdoors from the 16th floor.

One bedroom apartment at A by Adina, Sydney
Living room at one bedroom apartment at A by Adina, Sydney. Photo: Harmeet Sehgal

The first 15 seconds in the room were a truly exhaling moment. On the centre table was a ready-to-drink Jasmine Negroni screaming ‘drink-me’ just right to set the mood after a ten-hour flight.

Cocktail serving at the apartment in A by Adina, Sydney
Refreshing cocktail Jasmine Negroni at A by Adina, Sydney. Photo: Harmeet Sehgal

Top amenities

The one-bedroom apartment is a lavish 34 sqm with unsurpassed skyline views.

Dreamtime bed at A by Adina Sydney
Dreamtime bed

The large king size Dreamcatcher bed with fluffy, featherdown pillows are a luxury in it’s own with a host of wall-mounted USB charging points to keep on top of bedtime charging.

Bedside charging points at A by Adina, Sydney
Bedside charging points.

The bedroom features spacious wardrobes with an array of amenities. Bathrooms are functional and well-appointed with bath amenities from Hunter Lab.

Hunter Lab bathroom amenities at A by Adina Sydney
Hunter Lab amenities

Welcome to Dean & Nancy

For a well-deserved sundowner, head to Dean & Nancy; the hotel’s cocktail bar perched on the mezzanine above the lobby. Dean & Nancy is a classic 50’s style cocktail lounge evoking a sense of walking into a lively Memphis bar of the yesteryears. The busy scene at the nostalgic bar is complemented with a melodious soft-pedal of a grand piano playing live. All carefully choreographed to keep you at the seat. Large booths and reflective circular Italian marble tables are lavish and so is the mood-lighting. Again, the large windows provide a full spectacle of a Sydneysider sunset through the perpendicular skyscrapers. The relaxed tone is further enhanced by wonderful staff working the floor elegantly and enjoy serving you while striking an interesting conversation. The engagement is immediate with a vast knowledge of the variety of food and beverage options.

Dean & Nancy views at A by Adina, Sydney
Twin peaks cocktail and top views at Dean & Nancy, Sydney. Photo: Harmeet Sehgal

Beautifully crafted cocktails

‘Around the World’ is the cocktail list, which fits with my job-profile and it’s the bar’s take on some of the world most famous concoctions. I go for the ‘Twin Peaks’ which is a take on the age-old classic, Manhattan, and a slight tilt from perfect to the sweeter side. Just the way I like it.

Around the world cocktail list at Dean & Nancy
Around the world cocktail menu. Photo: Harmeet Sehgal

Freshly shucked New South Wales oysters with a mignonette are hard to go past on the grazing menu.  And to finish off the Wagyu with cured egg yolk, paired with Basquiat, a perfect ensemble of coconut washed whisky, cherry herring, and coconut bitters.

New South Wales Oysters at Dean & Nancy, Sydney
New South Wales Oysters at Dean & Nancy. Photo: Harmeet Sehgal

A full suite of features

The hotel features 194 tastefully appointed apartments and choices can be made from studios, one bedroom and two bedrooms. Not to mention a heated mineral pool and a fully equipped gym all with million-dollar views across the city’s skyline.

Swimming pool at A by Adina
Pool side at A by Adina, Sydney. Photo: Supplied

A by Adina is an epitome of modern luxury with every detail thought of. It might not be obvious at first sight but it’s there when you’re seeking it. Whether is business or pleasure, A by Adina envelopes your senses to deliver a superlative experience with style and flair. On your next trip to Sydney, don’t just check-in; Arrive…

My rating: 5 Stars

Basquiat cocktail at Dean & Nancy, Sydney.
Basquiat at Dean & Nancy. Photo: Harmeet Sehgal

A by Adina

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