Getting festive in Hong Kong

  • December 10, 2018

Hong Kong is taking its globally adored skyline to the next level with the inaugural Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival.
Hosted by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB), visitors and locals are being treated to a sparkling lineup of light-filled, free festivities and visual feasts up until 24 February 2019.
Regarded as the largest open-air light festival in Hong Kong, the festival will feature an array of glowing installations by artists from across the globe, and complemented by a winter edition of the nightly “A Symphony of Lights” light-and-music show.


Festival highlights include Winter Wonderland. Artists from around the world will display their light-inspired installations along Victoria Harbour, creating a festive glow and a magical incandescent experience. The International Light Art Display will turn the city into an interactive light playground by featuring 14 of the best artworks that have toured the globe, alongside four symbolic Hong Kong installations by local artists, including:
VENIVIDIMULTIPLEX from the Netherlands delivers a different take on a competitive racing game with his interactive light bicycles, titled “Lightbattle X.” Viktor Vicsek from Hungary has created a cephalic illustration which features animated colourful facial expressions, titled “Talking Heads.”


Local Hong Kong residents, the Daydreamers will launch their “Bat and Coin” creation, which turns the traditional pawnshop sign into a larger-than-life illuminated silhouette. Regarded as the one of the world’s most spectacular light-and-sound shows, the nightly “A Symphony of Lights” show will be further enhanced this festive season with more skyscrapers, special effects and pyrotechnics featured in the choreographed production.


A Tale of Two Trees. A 25-metre-tall artistic reinterpretation of the traditional Christmas tree will be installed adjacent to the Observation Wheel. The “XTree” by France’s 1024 Architecture has been crafted using glowing metallic scaffoldings that represent branches, and augmented by strategically placed light decorations that dance to a bespoke soundtrack. Hong Kong’s Christmas atmosphere will also be enhanced by the iconic Christmas Tree at Statue Square.
There is no better time to visit Hong Kong than this festive season, as the destination’s skies and shores become even more radiant than ever. For more information on the Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival, click here.

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