British Airways new digital wayfinding tool
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Digital wayfinding tool for travellers

  • July 20, 2023

British Airways is trials new wayfinding tool for travellers travelling through Heathrow Airport.

The new technology offers maps of both London Heathrow Terminal 5 and Terminal 3, helping customers who are travelling through the airline’s London hub to locate their departure gate and points of interest including shops, lounges and restaurants. The new wayfinding tool allows customers to navigate the airport more confidently, saving time and reducing the chance of missing their flight.

The new wayfinding digital tool by British Airways
The new wayfinding digital tool by British Airways. Photo: Supplied

The tool provides clear directions and information on the airport layout, allowing customers to have a more seamless experience through London Heathrow. Through an interactive map, customers can click on areas of interest including shops and gain information about the location, opening times, and a description on items that can be purchased. The tool also allows bathrooms, seating areas and information points to be easily located.

British Airways new wayfinding app
British Airways flight information on the new Wayfinding app.

Customers who are connecting between flights, can also input the details of their inbound and connecting flights and are then given step by step instructions along with an animated map on how to get from the arrival gate through flight connections to their connecting flight departure gate.

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