Delta Air Lines to introduce numbered boarding zones

  • April 22, 2024

Delta Air Lines to introduce new boarding sequence.

Delta Air Lines are about to change their boarding procedures, moving toward numbered boarding zones.

Starting May 1, Delta will introduce numbered boarding zones for all flights to provide customers with more clarity about boarding sequence. Delta will still offer pre-board opportunities for customers who need extra time or assistance, followed by active-duty military, then Delta 360 Members.

Delta Airlines new boarding procedures.
Delta Airlines new boarding procedures. File: Supplied

The boarding order will not change, beginning with pre-boarding, then Delta One or First Class customers boarding in Zone 1, followed by Diamond Medallions and Delta Premium Select customers boarding in Zone 2.

Customer boarding passes—including printed boarding passes and those accessed via the Fly Delta app—will reflect the new zone numbers, along with updated sequencing on airport screens and in gate announcements. Zones 1-4 will use the Sky Priority lane and Zones 5-8 will use the General Boarding lane, as they do today. Boarding lane signs will be updated to show boarding zone numbers.

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