Accor Group targets Millennials; Launches funky new hospitality brand – JO & JOE.

  • October 2, 2016

JO&JOE is a vibrant living space providing a made- to-measure solution for the vast international community of Millennial-minded trend- setters revolutionizing the market. To cater to this new demand, JO&JOE aims to expand rapidly by opening 50 venues by 2020, with   locations including Paris, Bordeaux as well as Warsaw, Budapest, Rio and São Paulo.

Accor Jo & joe garden-day


To understand the expectations of future guests, enhance the user experience and lay the foundations of the JO&JOE community, the Marketing Innovation Lab worked with teachers and students from the Webschool Factory, a Paris-based management school specializing in design, marketing and digital technology.

A veritable digital experience enhancer, it enables Townsters and Tripsters to connect, meet, initiate events, share tips, or arrange to get together for a meal or a walk. All these features are “social accelerators” that will become references in this area.

JO&JOE venues will take root in bustling city-centre locations that are close to public transport and less than 15 minutes away from the major points of interest. The concept is designed to promote inter- action and foster positive community living thanks to common areas that are open to both the external and internal worlds. An integral part of neighbourhood life, JO&JOE always has something going on, be it a concert, a yoga class or a DIY workshop.

accor jo & joe together-landscape

JO&JOE’s disruptive design was co- constructed with UK design company Penson, known for creating intelligent and aesthetic spaces for the world’s most visionary brands. Flagship designs include campuses for Google, YouTube, Jaguar Land Rover, Playstation, Jay Z’s ROCnation and interiors of the world’s 5th tallest building, Lotte World Tower.

Beyond its design reality, JO&JOE is also a strong and distinctive brand identity fashioned by W, a territory designing agency. It doesn’t matter whether Jo is a girl and Joe is a guy – or the other way around. The name can be read any way because JO&JOE is an open house that blends genres. There is no right or wrong way to read the logo either: a dot as yellow as the sun – alive, radiant, variable shapes, multiple styles – the brand regenerates and nourishes itself with local culture and vibes. The hearts of cities around the world – places made for moving, chilling and exploring – are ideal settings for JO&JOE to deploy its resolute character and offbeat atmosphere.

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